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Schaeffer #132 Moly EP Engine Oil Treatment (1 Pint)

Vendor: Schaeffer's

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Schaeffer Moly EP Engine Oil Treatment is an extreme pressure engine oil treatment, containing a highly specialized additive package, that can be used in both diesel and gas engines. The use of Schaeffer Moly EP, as recommended, provides a reduction in oil consumption, increased compression through better ring seal, elimination of sticking valves and lifters, reduced blow-by, increased oil pressure and a reduction in engine friction and wear. Moiy EP's specialized additive package contains two proven frictional modifiers that, once plated, form a long lasting, slippery and tenacious lubricant film that prevents metal surfaces from coming into contact with each other. As a result, consumers of Schaeffer's oil treatment experience increased engine life, efficiency and durability as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Treatment Level: One pint of #132 Moly E.P. Oil Treatment to every 4 to 5 quarts of engine oil.

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