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Synergy 2011+ Ford Super Duty F-250 / F-350 4x4 Sway-bar End Link Spacers

Vendor: Synergy MFG

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The Synergy Ford Super Duty f-250 / F-350 front sway bar end link spacers are recommended when lifting or leveling your truck with longer than stock front shocks.These end link spacers are designed to add 5/8” of effective length to the stock sway bar end links. When adding longer than stock front shocks, such as Fox 985-24-155, the end links will be pushed to their travel limits and begin to bind. This will cause premature failure of the bushing in the sway bar end links. These spacers add enough length to keep the end links from binding, allowing for shocks with an extended length of 24”


  • 2011+ Ford Super Duty F-250 4x4
  • 2011+ Ford Super Duty F-350 4x4


  • Allows for running longer shocks
  • Alleviates binding in the swaybar end links
  • Easy to install
  • No modifications required to install


  • CNC ¾ DOM tubing
  • Zinc coated for corrosion protection


  • Compatible with the 2.5 inch Leveling Kit
  • Only compatible with 4x4 front axle
  • Shock absorber maximum extended  length: 24”

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