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S&S DIESEL Cummins High Pressure Pump

Vendor: S&S DIESEL

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Also available are custom high pressure pumps to support 3,000+hp. For serious inquiries, please contact us for details.

The SP3000 is a single mechanical solution that replaces the small factory supply pump, and will flow up to 3,000 l/hr, at pressure. It is designed to be used with the S&S Regulated Filter Head and Gear Pump Delete kits to create a Fuel Delivery System (FDS) capable of supporting up to four 14mm CP3 (1,850 mm3 /rev displacement) high pressure pumps.

-Flow Rate – 3,000 liters per hour
-Max Pressure – 400 psi
-Volume – 13,000 mm3/rotation
-Weight – 1,271 g
-Aluminum and Steel Construction
-Inlet Fitting Sized For Initial Flow Control

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