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RedHead - 1997-2004 FORD F250 / F350 / F550 / 2000-2005 Excursion Steering Gear

Vendor: Redhead

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RedHead Steering Gears - 1997-2004 FORD F-250 / F-350 / F-550 / 2000-2005 Excursion Steering Gear

Part Number: 2764 = $336.00
Part Number Fits: 1997-2000 Ford F-250 to F-550 Pickup Trucks, 2000 Excursion.
Part Number: 2764BS. = $376.00
Part Number Fits: 1999-2004 Ford F-250 to F-550 Pickup Trucks, 2000-2005 Excursion.
Part Number: 2764BS-ND. = $526.00
Part Number Fits: 1999-2005 F-Series Trucks or Excursions.

Special Notes: Be sure to do a spline peak count of your output or sector shaft, which indirectly connects to the tires, you should have a total of 32 splines. (Please view the third picture on the left, you will see you have 8 spline peaks between each master spline, and there is 4 master splines, so 8 times 4 = 32 splines)

If you have a 32 spline sector shaft, select 2764.
If you have a 36 spline sector shaft, select 2764BS.
Upgrade to both is 2764BS-ND (however availability is limited) If you are upgrading 2764 you will need to also upgrade your Pitman Arm.

Shipping costs vary.

Please Note: A $250 Core Charge will apply to sale price. Upon return of the core, charges will be refunded. Please see our core policy or call us for more information.

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