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Poison Spyder JK 4 Door Frame Mounted Rocker Knockers

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The most vulnerable areas on the body of the Jeep JK are the rocker panels. Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers™ protect your JK's rocker panel area while enabling you to slide over rocks and obstacles. Rocker Knockers™ enhance your Jeep's trail performance while adding rugged off-road looks to your JK. These Frame-Mounted Rocker Knockers™ are identical to our Body-Mounted version, except in how they mount. Which one is best for you will depend on how you intend to use your Jeep!

DOM Tube Construction
The tubular rocker rail is rugged 1.75" X .120 wall DOM structural tubing. The slider rail is fabricated from CNC-bent 1.5" X .120 wall DOM tubing. The space between the Slider and the main tube of the Rocker Knocker™ is filled with a 3/16" thick CNC laser-cut steel base plate for the removable slider skid. The slider and skid mount at an angle to the main tube of the Rocker Knocker™ to provide boatside-like protection from the rocks while keeping the Jeep's doors and body a safe distance from higher level trail hazards.


Removable Slider Skid
The removable slider skid features Poison Spyder's exclusive oval dimples for structural strength as well as great Poison Spyder looks. The Skid attaches with countersunk stainless steel flat head cap screws for a flush surface. The outer skid is made of 1/8" steel and is secured to a 3/16" base plate welded into the slider hoop assembly. The Slider does not rely on the skid for structure. The advantage of having the ability to remove the skid, is to allow you to replace it if it becomes damaged to a level that it has lost its aesthetic appearance or functionality. Also you will be able to customize the Slider's color to match your Jeep's body color, or any color you choose.

Frame-Mounted Outriggers
Frame-Mounted Rocker Knockers™ attach to your Jeep's frame rails through three rugged, precision engineered outriggers on each side. The outriggers are fabricated of CNC laser cut 3/16" thick plate steel, and are designed in a triangular shape to act as their own gusset and provide superior strength. The outrigger wraps around the bottom and side of the frame rail for support on two planes. The outriggers are also located so they may be directly bolted to the sides of the Jeep's body mounts for even more strength. Compare this design to competitors' frame-mounted sliders that use a simple piece of non-triangulated, non-gusseted tubing welded to a plate that attaches to the side of the Jeep's frame rail.

Bolt-On or Weld-On installation
Instructions and hardware are provided for a fairly easy bolt-on installation of the Frame-Mounted Rocker Knockers™. The procedure uses some existing mounting holes on your Jeep's frame, but does require some additional drilling and tapping. We provide the necessary tap to thread the additional holes (tap-handle not included). Alternatively, installers may choose to weld the Rocker Knockers in place. Please note, however, that reaching the nuts on the back-side of the slider plate for installation of the removable skid will be more difficult with the Rocker Knockers already in place. We recommend testing the skid removal process with the Rocker Knockers™ bolted into place, before permanently welding them on.

Suspension & Body Lift Compatibility
Frame-Mounted JK Rocker Knockers™ are not compatible with typical "long arm" suspension kits, without some Do-It-Yourself modifications. The rearward support outrigger will likely interfere with the location of most long-arm kit's link brackets. For those wishing to install this product in conjunction with a long-arm kit, it may be possible to do so by ordering the Rocker Knockers™ with the rearward outrigger NOT welded to the Rocker Knockers™, and then locating and welding them in place during installation. To special-order the kit with the rearward outriggers un-welded, call our sales department at 951-849-5911. Also note that, as a frame-mounted product, any body lift installed on the Jeep will result in a gap of the same height, between the Rocker Knocker and the Jeep's body tub.

Frame-Mounted or Body-Mounted: Which is Right For You?
Choosing between the Frame-Mounted and Body-Mounted versions of Rocker Knockers™ will depend on several factors of your Jeep's configuration and how you use it. We will not claim that either version is more "hard core" than the other, as neither will make your Jeep absolutely bomb-proof and relieve you of the need for careful driving off-road. But here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Body-Mounted Rocker Knockers™ will move up with the body, if a body lift is installed, while the Frame-Mounted version will stay with the frame, creating a gap if a body lift is present.
  • Body-Mounted Rocker Knockers™ are 100% compatible with any suspension system, including long-arm kits, without any further modification. The Frame-Mounted version would require some DIY modifications to be installed in conjunction with a long-arm kit.
  • Frame-Mounted Rocker Knockers™ will generally provide better protection from side impacts, with the solid outriggers that attach them directly to the Jeep's frame rail.
  • Frame-Mounted Rocker Knockers™ should provide marginally better protection from vertical impacts (such as hard-landing on a rock when coming off a ledge). However, this benefit would be maximized by taking the extra step of welding them in place.
  • Body-Mounted Rocker Knockers™ will provide better ground clearance and "slide-ability". The outriggers on the Frame-Mounted version necessarily sit lower than the Jeep's body, and therefore lower than the Body-Mounted version. And the outriggers can potentially act as an anchor point since they are perpendicular to the Jeep's direction of forward progress.

The price is the same for either version so take the above factors into account when deciding which one is best for your Jeep.

Don't Forget the JK Body Armor!
Poison Spyder JK Rocker Knockers™ can be utilized as a stand alone component or can be used in conjunction with Poison Spyder's JK Body Armor. JK Body Armor is a secondary line of defense against off road damage to your Jeep, protecting the Jeep by reaching above the slider level up to the door line. Rocker Knockers™ do not mount to or use the Body Armor for additional structure. But they work and look great together as a complete rocker armor package.


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