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he factory draglink on the 2005-22 trucks is a known weak link in the steering system. There are a few causes for the weakness but the majority lies within the design of the split collar adjusting sleeve. This allows the rod to flex when put under a load caused by road variations or steering input. Increased tires and lift size adds even more stress to this part. Upgrading to our single piece unit will eliminate ALL flex and tighten up the feel of your steering wheel. This is an upgrade that you can notice a night and day difference in the second you open the box and lay the two side by side. We use a heavy wall single piece DOM tube and CNC single point thread the bar for the strongest possible threads.  We dont weld in tube adapters to eliminate the concern of a weld failing resulting in a loss of control of your vehicle.
We have two versions of this bar.
A "Direct Replacement" which comes with a XRF Platinum series of tie rod end that will fit. 
The second is our "Offroad" version.  This uses a much stronger and MUCH more durable 1" FK heim.  We custom machine from high strength 17-4 stainless steel to fit the oem taper of the pitman arm with a built in safety washer on the opposite side.  We also supply a custom High Strength Grade 9 bolt for even more security!  Because this uses a heim and not all states allow a heim to be used in your steering system, we list this product as an offroad only item.  If you live in a state that allows heims to be used, the offroad version is BY FAR our recommended option.  One thing to note, the heims slightly larger diameter may create clearance problems with some aftermarket drop track bar brackets when turning all the way to steering stop.

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