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Kelderman 2017+ Ford F-250/350 4x4 2-Stage Front Air Suspension

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A Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension is an excellent addition to a Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension on your Ford Super Duty 4x4 truck. Our 2-Stage Front Air Suspension eliminates the factory front coil spring suspension and allows the front of your truck to ride on full air suspension. The Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension System includes upper and lower airbag mounting brackets, industrial-strength airbags, and comes standard with Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks. Fox 2.0 monotube shocks and our custom-valved Kelderman Raptor shock package is also available. 

These 2-Stage Front Air Suspension kits are available in a leveling kit variety for -250/F-350 Pickups (F-450/F-550 Stock Height)

to help eliminate the rake of your Ford truck. If you are using your truck with a heavy front bumper or a heavy snowplow, these front kits are perfect for carrying the weight. You'll never have to worry about any sagging from the front suspension, simply add more air to the 2-Stage Front kit until it's back to the proper 'ride height'. When equipped with our 4-Link Rear Air Suspension and an optional, electronic air control system, you can raise or lower the truck 3.5-4" above AND below the designed 'ride height' setting.


Get more out of your new truck with Kelderman Air Suspension today!

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