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The Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension is an excellent addition to any truck running one of our rear air suspension systems or by itself. This kit consists of upper and lower air bag mounting plates, industrial strength air bags, Rancho adjustable shocks, and our 'manual fill' air control package. This will allow you to add air to the air bags like you would a regular truck tire. This is a simple, cost effective option on a front only system. Many of our air control systems have the capability to control the front suspension as well if you're interested in getting air suspension all the way around on your Super Duty. A 2-Stage Front Air Suspension makes sure your truck doesn't nose dive under the weight of many heavy accessories such as grille guards, aftermarket bumpers, snow plows, etc. An added advantage of including a front air suspension systemfor your Ford is the ability to raise/lower at all four corners. Although this kit is designed to operate/be driven at the 'stock height' of your Super Duty, the kit can deflate approximately 3.5-4" until it reaches the internal bump stops of the industrial air bags. This is common for someone wanting to get easier entry/exit from the vehicle, enter a smaller garage, or other tasks. Some of our optional air control packages will also allow you to inflate the vehicle 3.5-4" above the stock 'ride height'. If you want to get a bit more clearance for a sharp turn or off-road obstacle, a Kelderman Air Suspension is capable of providing a solution. Want to provide a leveled look for your Ford? No worries. Our 2-Stage Front Air Suspension can also be built with a leveling kit option to allow for larger tires and a better appearance.

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