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ICON Raptor 3.0 Front Remote Reservoir Secondary Bypass Shocks

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2010 - Current Ford SVT Raptor 3.0 Front Remote Reservoir Secondary Bypass Shocks


When it comes to high performance Ford Raptor suspension components, ICON Vehicle Dynamics is an industry leader. With our 3.0 coilovers and bypasses, billet aluminum upper control arms, and bolt-on rear bumpstop system, drivers of ICON-equipped Ford Raptors have been able to push their vehicles to a whole new level that demands even more from our products. It is this level of off-road abuse that prompted ICON to develop a 3.0 Secondary Bypass shock that is engineered to work perfectly with the Camburg Performance Dual Shock Lower Control Arm kit. The addition of this 3.0 Secondary Bypass means rougher terrain and larger off-road obstacles can be overcome with speed and confidence. With the turn of a knob, the compression and rebound damping of these shocks can be tuned to perfectly compliment the rest of ICON’s Raptor suspension products for an unparalleled level of on and off-road performance.

The ICON Ford SVT Raptor Secondary Front Shocks are a three tube External Bypass shock with remote reservoir. These are far from the norm when compared to a traditional bypass shock you see on Trophy Trucks and other off-road race vehicles. Each bypass valve has a specific port design and individually equipped with a different spring rate to ensure proper performance at each zone of shock travel. These same bypass valves feature damped valve seats for quiet and precise operation. That means no clicking noises as you hit bumps or road chatter driving down the road. The biggest difference in these shocks versus an industry standard bypass shock, are the “Easy-to-Adjust” knobs and the replaceable bypass tubes. The “Easy to Adjust” Hi Resolution Clicker Knobs do not require any tools for adjustment, and can be adjusted in seconds for the demand of the terrain you will be facing. Another unique feature of this shock is the replaceable bypass tubes that can be swapped out during a standard rebuild if any damage were to occur, where a normal bypass shock body would need to be completely replaced, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Key Features:

Further increases front damping ability of the Raptor in off-road conditions

• East-to-adjust bypass knobs allow for quick changes to shock without the use of tools

Hydraulically damped bypass valve seats are engineered to attenuate the loud bypass clicking noise transferred to the cab that is common with other brands.

• High resolution bypass valves designed for noticeable fine-tuning of rebound and compression damping

Digressive rebound on main piston in conjunction with calibrated external rebound valve preload facilitates good low-speed characteristics. This is in contrast to most bypass shocks that are designed primarily for high-speed use only.

• Compact bypass tube design allows ICON to fit 3 bypass tubes where others could only fit 2, allowing for more adjustability of the shock

Compact tube block design keeps bypass tubes close to the body, providing maximum clearance from tires and other suspension components

• Replaceable bypass tubes can easily slide into position in case of damage

• Multi Stage Cad Plated Finish with Polished and Anodized Top Cap / Rod Ends


Tech Info:

• Camburg Part number #CAM-110111 lower dual shock control arm must be installed for proper fitment of this shock


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