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FASS Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel System for 1989-2020 Dodge Ram

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FASS Diesel Fuel System Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel System for 1989-2020 Dodge Ram

FASS Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel Systems feature FASS's Revolutionary Whisper Technology is their quietest system to date! A compact design with a very powerful motor. Manufactured to hold up to the most extreme conditions, FASS's Titanium Signature Series System utilizes a motor that is capable of flow rates up to 290 gallons per hour and is durable enough that they back it with their Limited Lifetime Warranty.

In addition to improved fuel flow, the FASS Titanium Signature Series Fuel Systems offer an advanced filtration method to protect your Cummins-powered Ram from fuel contamination. A FASS Fuel System eliminates over 99% of the water found in diesel fuel along with entrained air/vapor, and debris down to 2 Micron!

FASS's Industry-Leading Filtration will:

  • Protect EXPENSIVE Injection Components
  • Optimize MPG (results will vary)
  • Restore Horsepower
  • Sharpen Throttle Response
  • Improve Cold Weather Performance

FASS Fuel Systems for 5.9 and 6.7 Liter Cummins

The installation of a FASS Titanium Signature Series on your Dodge Cummins 5.9L or 6.7L diesel engine is beneficial for both modified and stock pickups. Their improved filtration process can help extend the life of your Bosch injection system, especially the injectors that are prone to failures!

Model Year   GPH   Part Number
100 GPH (Below 600 HP)   FAS TSD02100G
1989-1993   165 GPH   FAS TS D02 165G
1994-1998 12v   140 GPH 45 PSI   FAS TSD10180F140G
1994-1998 12v   240 GPH 45 PSI   FAS TSD10250F240G
1994-1998 12v   260 GPH 45 PSI   FAS TSD10290F260G
1998.5-2004.5 24v   100 GPH (Below 600 HP)   FAS TSD08100G
1998.5-2004.5 24v   165 GPH   FAS TSD08165G
1998.5-2004.5 24v   250 GPH   FAS TSD08250G
1998.5-2004.5 24v   290 GPH   FAS TSD08290G
2005-2018   100 GPH (Below 600 HP)   FAS TSD07100G
2005-2018   165 GPH   FAS TSD07165G
2005-2018   250 GPH   FAS TSD07250G
2005-2018   290 GPH   FAS TSD07290G
2019-2020   100 GPH (Below 600 HP)   FAS TSD12100G
2019-2020   165 GPH   FAS TSD12165G
2019-2020   250 GPH   FAS TSD12250G
2019-2020   290 GPH   FAS TSD12290G
2014-2018 1500 Eco Diesel   110 GPH 45 PSI   FAS TSD11140F110G

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