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FASS - Ford Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel System 99-19

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FASS Diesel Fuel Systems Ford Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel System 99-19

FASS offers a full selection of diesel fuel pumps for your Ford Powerstroke diesel pickup. Each kit is designed to maintain the proper fuel pressure to the engine for maximum performance and includes all mounting and install hardware specific to each application.

FASS was the first to offer a complete fuel pump system for your Ford Powerstroke 6.7L diesel engine. Our 140GPH will provide more than enough fuel for a stock or modified Powerstroke engine, working in perfect conjunction with aftermarket downloaders.


Model Year
Gallon per Hour Part Number
1999-2007 140 GPH FAS TS F14 140G
1999-2007 220 GPH FAS TSF14250F220G
1999-2007 240 GPH FAS TSF14290F240G
2008-2010 100 GPH FAS TSF16100G
2008-2010 165 GPH FAS TSF16165G
2008-2010 250 GPH FAS TSF16250G
2008-2010 290 GPH FAS TSF16290G
2011-2016 140 GPH FAS TSF17180F140G
2011-2016 165 GPH FAS TSF17165G
2011-2016 220 GPH FAS TSF17250F220G
2011-2016 240 GPH FAS TSF17290F240G
2017-2019 140 GPH FAS TSF18180F140G
2017-2019 220 GPH FAS TSF18250F220G
2017-2019 240 GPH FAS TSF18290F240G
2018-2019 110 GPH FAS TSF19140F110G

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