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FASS - CFDB1001K Cummins Fuel Distribution Block

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FASS Fuel Systems Cummins Fuel Distribution Block (CFDB1001K)

The FASS Fuel Systems Cummins Fuel Distribution Block is designed for high performance applications that are utilizing up to three CP3s, but can also be used on single or dual CP3 applications. Our uniquely shaped Fuel Distribution Block allows us to have a smooth path of flow to each CP3 ensuring an equal distribution of fuel pressure and fuel flow. Our Fuel Distribution Block bolts directly to the engine block of 5.9L Common Rail and 6.7L Common Rail Cummins Engines.

Our Fuel Distribution Block cannot be used with the factory metal fuel rail return line or cylinder head return line and will need to be plumbed with braided fuel line or FASS Push-Lok fuel line.

Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Features:

-10 Main Fuel Inlet
Three -8 CP3 Feed Ports
-8 Fuel Return Outlet
Four -6 Fuel Return Inlet Ports for CP3 Return and Cylinder Head Return
Two 1/8” NPT Gauge Ports
Comes with Mounting Hardware

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