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EVO MFG - Jeep Wrangler JK Bolt-On Front Coilover Kit

Vendor: EVO MFG

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EVO MFG LCG front Bolt-On Coilover Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK

With a foundation in the first and most proven coilover systems for the Jeep JK, EVO MFG brings you its new LCG Bolt-On Coilover System.

The EVO LCG Bolt-On Coilover Kit comes complete with all the necessary parts to easily convert the JK from the limited coil and shock system to a far superior coilover system.

Features 12" of usable wheel travel, custom-built brackets for the lowest center of gravity, and EVO's legendary SPEC valving and spring rates, the EVO LCG Bolt-On Coilover system proves to set the bar, for ease of installation, price, and performance.

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