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EVO MFG Jeep JK 4" Lift Kit Double D Bolt On Long Arm

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EVO MFG has proven to be a leader and innovator in suspension performance, creation and engineering. The EVO MFG 4” Bolt-On Long Arm Kit for the JK will certainly prove to land at the top. This system was specifically designed to enhance and surpass the overall handling on and off road of the JK. EVO has taken into account many of the factors that compile an ultra high quality and performing system. On and Off Road achievements include High Ground Clearance achieved though sleek bracketry. Greater articulation is achieved through smooth plush ride coil rates, long travel shocks and optional bumpstop heights. Increased stability is achieved through specifically tuned coil rate/shock rates, rigid and adjustable swaybar linkages and optimized roll center corrections both front and rear. The result of the EVO MFG 4” Long Arm kit is a vehicle with unsurpassed handling under all circumstances, whether your traveling on the highway or combing the Rubicon Trail, rest assured you will be satisfied with this dominant suspension system.

• EVO1 Adjustors, Full on car adjustability of control arm length, no need to remove control arm to adjust
• Complete Bolt-On Installation, Weld-On if desired, welding will not void warrantee
• No need to remove the gas tank to install
• Proven Currie Johnny Joints
• Ability to retains factory high clearance transmission crossmember
• Optimum Roll Center Correction both front and rear
• Engineered to handle up to a true 14” of Vertical Wheel Travel
• EVO Plush Ride Coil Springs
• Complete with EVO MFG Drag Link Flip Kit, Steering Upgrade
• All Control Arms fully compatable with EVO Ultra High Clearance Long Arm system used with the EVOLever

2010+ models require exhaust modification which requires some welding
Cutting and Drilling Required for Complete installation
Can be installed as a weld on if desired
Available with 2 Different bumpstop options to specifically tune travel to your vehicle
Aftermarket wheels with 4.5” or less (smaller number) backspacing required,
Available as EVO MFG Double D Bolt on LONG ARM UPGRADE Kit $2299.99



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