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Dynatrac Pro Rock 44 Partial Front Axle Assembly with Open Differential, 4.88 Ring & Pinion, and Inner/Outer Shaft Set - 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Vendor: Dynatrac

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Dynatrac Pro Rock 44 High Ground Clearance Reverse-Cut Heavy Duty
Nodular Iron Front Axle Housing with Stock TJ Axle Width 60.5“, Matched
TJ Front Housing Geometry and Pinion Angle for Lifted Suspensions, 3.0”
Diameter x 0.50“ Thick Wall DOM Housing Tubes, Pro Series 44 HD Forged
End Forgings, Pro Rock 44 Diff Cover, Gloss Black Paint
- Moog TJ Ball Joints, Installed
- Dynatrac 3/16” Fabricated TJ Coil Spring Suspension Bracket Assemblies,
- Open Differential, D44, 30 Spline, Installed
- Ring and Pinion, New Generation JK D44 Front, 4.88 Ratio, Reverse-cut,
with Set-Up Kit and Dynatrac Billet Crush Sleeve Eliminator, Installed
- Input Yoke, 1310 U-bolt, Installed, with Yoke Kit
- Dynatrac Inner & Outer Axle Shaft Set, RH & LH, Heat-treated 4340
Chromoly, 30 Spline, 1310 Spicer U-Joints, Included
*Install Note:
- Customer to reuse knuckles, hub bearings, disc brakes

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