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Dynatrac JL Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle-Set 4:88 72.5" ARB JLEL-3X3002-G

Vendor: Dynatrac

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Dynatrac - Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle-Set for Jeep JL 2018+ ARB, 4.88, 72.5"

Part No.: JLEL-3X3002-G

Axel Width: 72.5"

Gear Ratio: 4.88

Locker Type: ARB

Includes: Steering Ram Skid Plate XD60-1550

Fitment: 2018+


The Dynatrac Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle-Set™ stands alone among all other 4x4 drivetrain options. It is the very best 4WD drivetrain technology that money can buy. You simply cannot find a stronger axle solution than the ProRock Elite Axle-Set™. The U.S.-made bolt-in unit is lightweight and has higher ground clearance than its competitors.

The ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set™ is for Jeep Wrangler JL owners who will not settle for anything less than the very best drivetrain durability, quality and extreme performance for running tires in diameters from 37- to 44-inches. If you are a highly experienced and skilled off-road driver who regularly engages in very technical off-roading with their friends and family, you enjoy taking on the hardest trails and the most difficult and challenging obstacles, this is the Axle Set for you.

The ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set is designed specifically for large JL builds with very large tires, high-performance engine swaps, superchargers, high-torque diesel engine swaps, deep gear reduction and transfer case ratios numerically higher than 4:1. 

ProRock XD60 Front Axle

    • Dynatrac exclusive patented ProRock® nodular-iron, high-pinion ProRock XD60® centersection with bearing bores to handle oversize pinion and carrier bearings for elite housing rigidity.
    • More ground clearance than any other axle housing in its class.
    • 3.75-inch diameter, variable wall thickness, lightweight, chromoly tubing has the highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to any other light-truck axle on the market.
    • Dynatrac exclusive Dual-Sump High Volume™ (DSHV) oiling system to ensure the outer pinion bearing is never without lubrication.
    • Dynatrac-exclusive U.S.-made forged, double-heat-treated 1550 35-spline axleshaft assemblies. These are the best shafts in the industry and are capable of up to 50-degree turning angles. 
    • Our new 1550 LT® high-strength, lightweight, military-grade, aluminum knuckles are loaded with our best set of Dynatrac HD BallJoints™ yet. These are the last balljoints you’ll ever need, and are designed with larger stems and bodies for long life and high durability with big tires.
    • Forged 4140, heat-treated, fixed spindles and serviceable wheel bearings support tires up to 44 inches.
    • No other 4x4 front axle offers the ease of steering, lowscrub radius, effective Ackermann angle and high steering linkage positioning.
    • Includes Dynatrac high capacity 13.25-inch brake upgrade with new dual-piston front calipers and vented rotors.
    • Includes our latest integrated track bar and ram-assist steering mounting package.
    • Includes new HD tie rod, integral steering arm, new Dynatrac DHD™ drag-link sleeve, control arm bushings, CNC laser-cut HD suspension brackets, all professionally welded and installed.
    • Includes DynaLoc™ locking hubs. DynaLoc hubs are over 3 times stronger than all other locking hubs on the market.
    • Comes with an ARB Air Locker and 5.38 gears.

NOTE: Comes with 35-spline shafts, hubs, locker. 

ProRock 80 Full-Float Rear Axle

    • Dynatrac ProRock 80™ nodular-iron, standard-cut, high-rigidity housing promotes ring-and-pinion gear durability for the biggest JL and 4x4 builds.
    • Dynatrac patented best-in-class ProRock® ground clearance. The ProRock 80™ has better ground clearance than any other axle housing made for 10.25-inch-and-larger ring-gear diameters.
    • Industry-leading 4-inch-diameter, variable wall thickness, lightweight, chromoly tubing that has the highest strength-to-weight ratio when compared to any other light-truck axle on the market.
    • Dynatrac 40-spline, full-floating wheel ends with heat-treated 4140 fixed spindles, high-capacity wheel bearings and Dynatrac’s exclusive 12-bolt flanged floater wheel hubs with O-ring seals.
    • All ProRock 80s are equipped with Dynatrac U.S.-made forged, heat-treated, 40-spline, full-floating 4340 alloy-steel shafts.
    • Includes Dynatrac 13.88-inch brake upgrade with single-piston calipers and 8-on-6.5 wheel bolt pattern.
    • Includes HD mechanical parking brake with adapters for stock JL parking-brake cable attachment.
    • Rock-proof nodular-iron Dynatrac diff cover included.
    • All HD suspension brackets are CNC laser-cut and professionally welded and installed, including a multiple-position track-bar bracket for long-travel suspension tuning.


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