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Cognito 12-Inch Performance Lift Kit with Fox PSRR 2.0 for 2011-2019 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 2WD/4WD

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Additional Info

PN: 210-P0982

Each Kit Features:

  • 12-inch Front Lift Components
  • SM Series Ball Joint Upper Control Arms
  • Patented Pitman and Idler Arm Support Kit
  • Forged torsion bar keys
  • Stainless Steel extended brake lines
  • HD front sway bar
  • 4-inch Deaver leaf pack
  • 5-inch Rear Lift Block and U-Bolts
  • Fox 2.0 Performance Series Remote Reservoir Shocks
  • Maintains Adequate Droop Travel for Superior Ride Quality
  • Levels Vehicle Front to Rear
  • Allows for up to a 40x15.5 Tire on a 12-Inch Wide Wheel 5-Inch Backspacing
  • CV Front Driveline is required on 4WD models if operating in 4WD above 20mph
  • 17-hour DIY install time
  • Made In USA

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