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Carli Dodge Chromoly Cummins Motor Mounts 03-07

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These heavy-duty motor mounts are another O.E.M product taken to another level by Carli Suspension Inc. After miles of abuse from pre-running, testing, and just having fun in the dirt, we found the O.E.M. ones just don't hold up. In many cases the engine oil pan will actually contact the cross member beneath it, succumbing to the weight of the heavy Cummins engine. This is the same product that flawlessly ran in the Class 8 Dodge sponsored by Carli Suspension at the 07 Score Baja 1000! The chromoly motor mounts are also a good idea if you're packing too much horsepower for your own good under the hood of your Dodge Ram truck.

The Carli Chromoly Motor Mounts provide a semi-rigid solution for the weak factory motor mounts. Due to the nature of the harder durometer bushings, the energy of the engine is delivered more efficiently to the frame resulting in more vibration than in stock form. Please be aware the Chromoly Motor Mounts will vibrate the truck and make items rattle when the vehicle is idle, but the vibration goes away while driving.


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