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Carli - RAM 2500 3.25" BackCountry 2.0 System, Diesel w Air Ride 2014+

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Signature Shock Tuning in 2.0″ Remote Reservoir Shocks provide users with a comfortable, entry-level off-road capability paired with a controlled, vastly improved on-road ride.

Shock Diameter - 2.0"
Front Lift Height - 3.25"
Rear Lift Height - 2"
Tire Size - UP TO 37"
Front Travel - 9.6"
Rear Travel - 9" (Air ride trucks keep factory travel)

Base Kit Includes:

CS-DLRC-14-D(H) - Front Liner-Rate Coil Springs
CS-DBC20SPKG-14-D-AR - Carli Tuned Fox 2.0" Remote Reservoir Shocks, Front and Rear, Reservoir Mounts (Air Ride Specific)
CS-DATB-1419 - Adjustable Track Bar w Stabilizer Bracket
CS-DRAD-14 - Radius Arm Drops
CS-DFBD-1 - Front Bump Drops
CS-DCM-20-HK - Transmission Crossmember, Extended Hardware Kit
CS-DPRBDROP-14-R - Rear Track Bar Drop
CS-DEL-R-14 - Rear Sway Bar End Links
CS-DAR-14-BLOCK - Airbag Spacer, 3" Lift Configuration
CS-DRBD-2.5 - Rear Bump Drops, 3" Lift Configuration
CS-DAR-14-LINK - Extended Sensor Link, 3" Lift Configuration


A “Base Kit” SKU must be accompanied by the SKU of a Sway Bar option to form a complete system.

 Does not work with rear auto-level air suspension.

Kit Options:


Sway Bar Options

Front Sway Bar Drop Brackets +$


3in Torsion Sway Bar +$


Fabricated Radius Arms

Fabricated Radius Arms +$


ADD Steering Stabilizer

Stainless Low Mount Stabilizer, 2014+

High Mount Stabilizer, 2019+

ADD Fabricated Radius Arms

Fabricated Radius Arms for 3.25" Lift Systems, 12? Limit Straps

Dodge Fabricated Radius Arms, 2014

ADD Lifetime Ball Joints

Lifetime Ball Joint Set, 2014

 2014 Ram Ball Joint Package



3.25″ Backcountry System

3.25″ Leveling Coil Springs: Your truck will sit 3”-3.5” higher in the front (cab configuration dependent) with 50% more suspension travel than the factory platform thanks to the taller, lighter rate coil springs. These springs are shot-peened, pre-set and powder coated to ensure optimal performance and finish longevity!

Front, Adjustable Track Bar: When lifting the front end of a straight axle truck, the front axle is pulled off-center unless the proper linkages are addressed. Three inches of front lift equates to an axle shifted toward the driver’s side ¾” and, in the radius arm equipped Rams, lightened caster and slight rearward axle shift. This system includes an Adjustable Track Bar to push the axle back toward the passenger side and provide a stronger link with less deflection for the lifted application.

Front Bump Stop Drop Brackets: Ensures proper cycling of the front suspension withe the extended travel shocks provided.

Radius Arm Drop Brackets: Ensure perfect caster alignment (no need to max adjustments), correct geometry and spring pressures ensuring no bow in your coil spring.

Choice of Torsion Sway Bar or Drop Brackets for the Factory Sway Bar: When pairing added down-travel with the taller ride height, the position of the factory, front sway bar will need to be altered as well. For this, we offer two options; Billet Sway Bar Drop Brackets or the replacement Torsion Sway Bar. The Billet Drop Blocks shift the sway bar down and forward to ensure the factory end links cycle properly throughout the entire extended travel range. Carli’s optional Torsion sway bar removes the entire factory sway bar assembly replacing it with a torsion bar supported by fabricated drop brackets and delrin bushings. Fabricated sway bar arms and dual 5/8” FK heim end links round off the package. This is the single best bang for the buck, ride-quality upgrade offered by Carli Suspension.

Shock Package:The Backcountry 2.0 system is designed for people seeking the best ride on and off-road on a budget; perfect for those that want to have a little dirt-road fun in their 8,500lb truck without losing the on-road ride quality or usability for which the truck was designed. You’re no longer limited to the highway while gravel roads become uninteresting as you can drive them at speed with one hand on the wheel. Utilizing Fox 2.0” Remote Reservoir Shocks, we’ve developed a shock tune that delivers all around comfort and ride quality designed for on-road, in town, highway, towing/hauling as well as slow to mid speed off road use. The Fox 2.0s boast extruded aluminum construction with a clear anodizing for corrosion resistance, are fully rebuildable and are built with hour-glass bushings in the rod-ends. Fox builds these shocks with their legendary red shock oil that flows well down to -55* F.






Vehicle Year - 14+
Model - 2500
Engine - Hemi, Diesel
Lift Height - 3"

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