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Carli - Jeep JKU Coil Springs 07-17

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CARLI Suspension - JEEP Coil Springs

Limited First Run, Pre Order Now!!!

Carli Coil Springs are cold-wound, pre-set, shot peened and powder coated to ensure the best quality coil with the longest lasting finish on the market.

We offer 3.0″ Front lift Linear Rate Springs and 2.5″ lift Multi-Rate Rears.

Front Coil Springs: CS-JK25LRC-F-07

     - 3.0" Lift - Front Linear Rate Coil Springs
     - Slightly Reduced Spring Rate for Softer Ride
     - Cold Wound, Shot Peened, Pre-set and Powdercoated
     - Fitment: 2007-17 Jeep JKU 4x4

Rear Coil Springs: CS-JK25MRC-R-07

     - 2.5" Lift - Rear Multi-Rate Coil Spring
     - Slightly Reduced Spring Rate for Softer Ride
     - Holds 500lbs 1" Taller than Factory Springs
     - Cold Wound, Shot Peened, Pre-Set and Powdercoated


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