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Carli - JEEP JKU 3.0" Commuter 2.0 System, Base, 4x4 07-17

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CARLI Suspension - Jeep JKU Commuter System, 4x4, 2007-17 Base Kit

SKU: CS-JKU-C20-07

The Commuter 2.0 system is designed for people seeking the best on-road ride quality on a budget. Utilizing Carli-Specific front and rear Fox 2.0” internal reservoir shocks, we’ve developed a Carli Signature shock tune that delivers all around comfort and ride quality designed for on-road, in town, highway, and low-shaft-speed trail use.

The Fox 2.0s are fully rebuildable, built with hour-glass bushings and boast extruded aluminum construction with a clear anodizing for corrosion resistance. Fox builds these shocks with their legendary red shock oil that flows well down to -55* F.

Shock Diameter - 2.0"
Lift Height - 3.0"
Tire Size - 35" Factory Fender / 37" Aftermarket Fender
Front Travel - 8.6"
Rear Travel - 9.1"

Base Kit Includes:

CS-JK25LRC-F-07 - 2.5" Lift - Linear Rate Coils
CS-JK25MRC-R-07 - 3.0" Lift - Multi Rate Coils
CS-JKU-C20SPKG-25-07 - Carli Commuter Shock Package - Fox 2.0 IFP
CS-JATB-07-F - Front Adjustable Track Bar
CS-JATB-07-R - Rear Adjustable Track Bar
CS-JATB-07-R-RISER - Rear Adjustable Track Bar Riser
CS-JEL-07-F - Front Sway Bar End Links
CS-JEL-07-R - Rear Sway Bar End Links
CS-JBBLKIT-07 - Extended Brake Lines, Guides and E-Brake Drop
CS-JBSF-07-SHORT - Front Bump Riser, Short
CS-JBSR-07 - Rear Bump Riser

Optional Items

ADD Control Arms

Control Arms +$
- Friction Free, Serviceable 17-4 Stainless Joints
- Direct Bolt On Fitment, Caster Corrected
- Gusseted Joint Housings
- Fixed Length


ADD Differential Guard

Dana 44 Differential Guard +$
- Unmatched Front or Rear Differential Protection
- Direct Bolt On, Dana 44 Fitment
- Boxed 3/16" Construction with 3/8" Skid Plate
- Sold Individually, Purchase Qty. 2 for Front & Rear

Front Differential Guard


The front linear rate Carli springs will lift your Jeep JKU 3.0” while the rear is lifted 2.5” utilizing progressive coil springs.

When lifting the front end of a straight axle vehicle, the front axle is pulled off-center unless the proper linkages are addressed. This system includes an Adjustable Track Bar that’s designed to extend – we provide this measurement – to correct the driver’s side axle shift. Included in the system, we provide extended sway bar end links with spherical bearings to accommodate the extended travel and maintain the factory Rubicon Sway Bar Disconnect. The last piece of the puzzle; extended stainless brake lines ensure the bottom of the new travel stroke can be reached without ancillary component stress. A short billet bump riser is included to match the front shock travel.

To match the front and provide a bit of rake, the rear is lifted 2.5” with a multi-rate coil spring ensuring a supple ride and reasonable carry capacity. The rear geometry being similar to the front, everything is included to support flawless operation of all components. A rear Track Bar Riser and adjustable track bar correct the axle position and minimize yaw (side to side movement of the body as the axle travels), Extended Sway Bar Links are included to accommodate the extended travel stroke as are Stainless Brake Lines and Brake Line Routing Bracket guiding the longer brake lines clear of all moving components. Fabricated rear bump risers.

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