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Carli - FORD F-250 / F-350, Caster Shims 05+

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CARLI Suspension - Caster Correction Shim


- Ford Castershim 2.0 Degree (PAIR)
- For Use with 2.5" Systems for Caster Correction.
- Fitment: 2005+


- Ford Castershim 1.0 Degree
- For Use with 4.5" Systems and Radius arm drop brackets.
- Fitment: 2005+


When lifting the front of a Super Duty 2.5″, caster will be reduced by 1°. The 2° shim specified with our 2.5″ lift systems not only restores caster but increases it by 1° from the stock spec to ensure proper tracking with larger tires.

Our 4.5″ lift systems drop the radius arm pivot point 4.5″ to match the lift; thus, caster is maintained. We include the 1° shim to increase caster 1° over stock for the abovementioned purpose.

If running Carli Radius arms, it’s not necessary to run any additional caster correction as they increase caster 1°.

One degree castershim for 4.5" lift kits to help provide the proper caster adjustment for your truck.

Two degree castershim for 2.5" lifts to provide the proper amount of caster for your truck.


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