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Carli - FORD F250/F350 4.5" Unchained 3.0 Shock Package 05-16

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CARLI Suspension - Ford Unchained Shock Package (King Shocks)

- Carli Custom Pistons and Tuning 
- 10" King 3.0" 2-Tube Bypass Shocks, Front
- 12" King 3.0" 4-Tube Bypass Shocks - Hi-flow Rebound, Rear
- 17-4 Stainless Steel Shock Shafts
- Requires but Does NOT Include Fabricated Coil Buckets or Rear Shock Mounts
- Fitment: 2005-16 F250/350 4×4, Diesel with 4.5" Carli System



If you’re looking for the best on road ride we offer with a huge boost in off-road capability, grab a Dominator. If you’re after a suspension that will allow more off-road performance than the chassis to which it’s bolted, this is your huckleberry. With the Unchained Suspension System, we recommend a roll cage and axle truss. This system is far more capable off-road than even the Coilover-Bypass System.


- 12" Front Wheel Travel
- 12" Rear Wheel Travel
- BEST all around Performance
- King 3.0 Shocks, Stainless Shafts, Custom Tuned
- Most Travel and Largest Shock of any Carli System
- Incredible Control
- Outstanding Off-Road Performance, Unbelievable Bottom Out
- For 4.5" Front Lift
- For 2" Rear Lift on F350
- For 3.5" Rear Lift on F250
- Fabricated Coil Plates Required, NOT Included

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