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Carli - FORD F250/F350 4.5" Pintop 2.5 Shocks, Diesel 2005+

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CARLI Suspension - Ford 4.5" Pintop 2.5 Shock Package 05+

- Carli Custom Pistons and Tuning
- King 2.5", Remote-Reservoir Shocks Front and Rear
- 17-4 Stainless Shock Shafts
- Includes Reservoir Mounts front and Rear
- 11" Front Wheel Travel, 13" Rear
- Fitment: 2020+ F250/350 4x4, Diesel with 5.5" Carli Lift
- Fitment: 2005-19 F250/350 4x4, Diesel with 4.5" Carli Lift


The Pintop is a Jack-of-all-trades shock package from which every Super Duty owner would benefit. Raising the Super Duty Platform then adding the 2.5” diameter shocks (55% more piston surface area than a 2.0” shock) will support the argument that these trucks should come equipped with 2.5” shocks from the factory. The higher end systems will get you more off-road capability, yes, and even a bit more on-road. The premium paid for these systems, however, doesn’t compare to the on and off-road ride quality per dollar spent on the Pintop. For these reasons, it will likely remain our best seller for years to come.

System Notes:

- 11" Front Wheel Travel
- 12" Rear Wheel Travel
- King 2.5", Remote-Reservoir, Carli Tuned Shocks
- Outstanding Handling
- Carli Tuned - King 2.5" Pintop Remote Reservoir Shocks, Front
- Carli Tuned - King 2.5" Piggy-Back Reservoir Shocks, Rear
- Stainless Shafts
- Reservoir Mounts and Mounting Hardware

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