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Carli - FORD F250/F350 4.5" COMMUTER 2.0 Shock Package, Diesel 05+

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CARLI Suspension - FORD Commuter Shock Package 05+

SKU: CS-FC20SPKG-45-05
– Carli Custom Tuned
– Fox 2.0 Performance Series IFP Shocks, Front and Rear
– 11″ Front Wheel Travel, 13″ Rear
– Fitment: 2020+ F250/350 4×4, Diesel - 5.5" Lift
– Fitment: 2005-19 F250/350 4×4, Diesel - 4.5" Lift


The Super Duty Commuter 2.0 is designed for people seeking the best on-road ride quality that don’t plan to off-road their vehicle. Utilizing Fox 2.0” internal reservoir shocks, we’ve developed a tune that delivers all around comfort and ride quality designed for on-road, in town, highway, and towing/hauling.

The Fox 2.0s boast extruded aluminum construction with a clear anodizing for corrosion resistance, are fully rebuildable and are built with hour-glass bushings in the rod-ends. Fox builds these shocks with their legendary red shock oil that flows well down to -55° F.


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