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Carli - RAM 2500/3500 6" Dominator 3.0 System, Diesel, 4WD 03-09

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CARLI Suspension - Dodge 6" Dominator 3.0 System, Diesel, 4WD, 2003-2009 BASE

Part No.: CS-DD30-6-03-D

Custom 3.0" King Remote Reservoir Shocks pair with Carli's Fabricated Radius Arm System & Full Progressive Leaf Pack to deliver a soft, yet controlled on-road ride quality with impressive bottom out capability when compared to the Pintop 2.5. The Dominator System was blueprinted and built with the avid off-roader in mind.

Shock Diameter - 3.0"
Lift Height - 6"
Tire Size - Up To 37"
Front Travel - 12"
Rear Travel - 13"

Base Kit Includes:

CS-DMRC6-03-D - Multi-Rate Coils
CS-DPRB-03 - Track Bar
CS-DPRBDROP-6 - Track Bar Drop Bracket
CS-DRA6-03-L - Radius Arm System with Long Crossmember
CS-DD30SPKG-03-6-D - Dominator 3.0" Shocks, Stainless Shafts, Limit Straps, Short Reservoir Mounts
CS-DFST475 - Fabricated Shock Towers
CS-DRBD-6 - Rear Bump Drops
CS-DFBD-6 - Front Bump Stop Drops
CS-D6BBL-03 - Brake Lines
CS-HOLESAWKIT-4.5 - 4.5" Hole Saw And Arbor
CS-D30GUSSET - Rear Shock Gusset Kit

A “Base Kit” SKU must be accompanied by the SKU of a Sway Bar and Leaf Spring option to form a complete system.

2003-07 Rams MUST convert to factory “T-Style” steering

Kit Options:

Sway Bar Option

6in 10mm Extended Sway Bar End Links and Sway Bar Drops +$


6in 12mm Extended Sway bar End Links and Sway bar drops +$


6in Torsion Sway Bar +$


Rear Leaf Options

6in Diesel Add-A-Pack +$


6in Diesel Full Spring Pack +$


6in Diesel Full Spring Pack +$



Add Long Travel Airbags

Dodge 2003-2011 Long Travel Air Bags, Diesel +$
SKU: CS-DLTB-03-4.0 


Add Airbag Spacer

Air Bag Spacer +$

Airbag Spacer

Add Pitman Arm

03+ Drop Pitman Arm


Add Carrier Bearing Drop

Carrier bearing Drop +$


Add Steering Stabilizer

T-Style Stainless Low Mount Stabilizer +$


T-Style Stainless High Mount Stabilizer +$

T-Style Stainless, Lifted, Opposing Stabilizer +$


Add Axle Truss

Front Axle Truss - AAM 9.25 | +$

Fabricated Axle Truss


Add Rear Shock Mount - Driver

Rear Shock Mount, Driver, 2003-12 | +$

Dodge Fabricated Rear Shock Mounts - Driver


Add Rear Shock Mount - Passenger

Rear Shock Mount, Passenger, 2003-12 | +$

Dodge Fabricated Rear Shock Mounts - Pass


Add Hydro-Bump Kit - Front

Hydro-Pneumatic Front Bump Stops, 6" Lift


This is the true, Jack of all trades suspension system offering the most on-road comfort of any system in the Carli lineup. The Dominator rides better than any other system on the road while boasting off-road manners that make the truck feel half its size. This is the end of our “all-around” Suspension Systems; anything above the 3.0” King will sacrifice on-road ride for off-road capability. For the customer looking for the best balance of on and off-road capability, without leaning too far in either direction, this system is the perfect candidate.

Wheel and Tire:

This system will fit up to a 37” tire on wheels no more than 9” wide with 4.5” of backspacing. The more rubber, the better the small bump compliance will be at proper inflation pressures. The ride will firm up as you go larger in wheel diameter. For more details, see our article on wheel and tire selection and tire pressures:

System Notes:

Wheels - Carli Recommends a 17"-18" Wheel, no more than 9" wide with 4.5" of Backspacing on 6" Systems

Tires - 37", E-Rated Tire Fitment is Recommended. Recommended unloaded Tire Pressure 45F/40R

Recommended Configuration - Carli 6" Suspension Systems are Designed and Tested on Vehicles with 17"-18" Wheels with 37", E-Rated Tires. Stock wheels and tires or running a larger wheel diameter will result in a stiffer ride.

Endlinks - 2010-2013 vehicles have 2 possible sizes of Sway Bar End Links. Place a socket on the nut that compresses the rubber End Link bushings; fitment of an 18mm socket will indicate the need for the 12mm Extended End Link.

Torsion Sway Bar - Selection of the Torsion Sway Bar Replacement will not Require size selection as the entire sway bar assembly is replaced.

Front Drive Shaft - Front drive shaft MUST be lengthened 2"

Rear Drive Shaft - Rear Driveshaft must be checked for 1 piece or 2 piece units. It is recommended that 2 piece Driveshafts order a carrier bearing drop, PN# CS-CARRIERDROP-D

Pitman Arm - A drop pitman arm is REQUIRED for 6" suspension kits. Pitman Arm Selection: [2003-2008: CS-PITMAN6-03]; [2009-2013: CS-PITMAN6-09]

Steering Linkage - Carli 6" suspension kits MUST run T-style steering linkage. Y-style linkage does not have enough angle of articulation to support the additional lift height and travel.


Vehicle Year - 03-13
Model - 2500/3500
Engine - Diesel
Lift Height - 6"

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