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Carli - RAM 2500 2.5" Leveling System, Diesel 14+

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CARLI Suspension - Dodge 2.5" Leveling System, Diesel, 2014-18 & 2019+ 2500 Base Kit

3" front lift that delivers 50% more suspension travel than the stock Ram. Blueprinted coils paired with extended travel shocks increase control and comfort without breaking the bank.

Shock Diameter - 2.0"
Lift Height - 2.5"
Tire Size - UP TO 35" 
Front Travel - 9"

CS-DLEVEL-14-D - Base Kit Includes:

CS-DLRC-14-LVL-D - Leveling Front Coils
CS-DLEVELSPKG-14-D - Front and Rear Fox 2.0 Shocks, Custom Tuned

Does not work with rear auto-level air suspension.
Kit Options:


ADD Track Bar Options

Front Adjustable Track Bar - $
- Adjustable Track Bar Allows Axle Centering up to 3" of front lift
- Tightens Steering Feel while Extending Service Life
- CUB Frame Joint combines with 7/8" FK Axle Heim to dampen vibration
- JAMMIT nut boasts 100% more surface area than standard jam nut
- Includes Stabilizer Relocation Bracket to ensure perfect clearance
- Fitment: 2014+ Ram 2500 4x4
- Fitment: 2013+ Ram 3500 4x4


ADD Sway Bar Options

3in Torsion Sway Bar +$
SKU: CS-DTSB3-1419
- Easily the best "bang for the buck" upgrade for ride quality
- Allows front suspension to move freely without giving up control
- Requires removal of electronic sway bar on Power Wagons
- Fitment: 2014+ 2500 4x4
- Fitment: 2013+ 3500 4x4
- Compatible with 2.5"-4" Front Lift
- NOT compatible with Stock wheels, Max 5.75" backspace


ADD Low Mount Steering Stabilizer

Stainless Low Mount Stabilizer, 2014+ | +$
- Direct bolt-in replacement
- Corrects left tire pull, adjustable
- Fitment: 2014+ Ram 2500, 4×4
- Fitment: 2013+ Ram 3500, 4×4


ADD High Mount Steering Stabilizer

High Mount Stabilizer, 2019+ | +$
- Simple, Bolt-in Installation
- Corrects right tire pull, adjustable
- Combines with Low-Mount for opposing stabilization
- Fitment: 2019+ Ram 2500/3500, 4×4, Including Power Wagon
- Fitment: 2014-18 Ram 2500/3500, 4×4 with 19+ Drag Link


ADD Radius Arm Option

Fabricated Radius Arms +$
     - 1/4" Cold Rolled Steel
     - Internal X-Bracing
     - Serviceable Spherical Joints
     - Improved ride quality and control
     - Quad Wrap Limit Straps & Hardware


ADD Radius Arms Drop Bracket Option

Radius Arm Drop Brackets +$
     - Maintains critical geometries with 2.5-4" Front Lift
     - Heavy-Duty Construction
     - Bolt-On installation, no welding required
     - Fitment: 2014+ Ram 2500, 4x4
     - Fitment: 2013+ Ram 3500, 4x4

ADD Front Differential Guard

Stainless Low Mount Stabilizer +$
- Protection for your Ring-Gear
- Bolts On In Minutes
- 1/4" Wall Cold-Rolled Steel Construction
- Grade 8 Hardware
- Fitment: 2014+ Ram 2500, 4x4
- Fitment: 2013+ Ram 3500, 4x4
- Power Wagons may require modification to the Diff Guard or Lower Diff Housing.

Front Diff Guard, 2014

ADD Lifetime Ball Joints

Stainless High Mount Stabilizer +$
- Set of Upper and Lower Ball Joints
- LIFETIME Advanced-Replacement Warranty
- Copper Plated, Carburized and Dry-Lubed
- Includes a tube of Redline CV2 Grease
- Fitment: 2013+ Ram 3500 4x4
- Fitment: 2014+ Ram 2500 4x4
2014 Ram Ball Joint Package



This system is designed for the customer that keeps their truck on the road with an eye for quality and appreciation for bang-for-their-buck. At the heart of this system is a 2.5” lift, Linear Rate Coil Spring paired to matched travel Fox 2.0” IFP Shocks that have been custom tuned, in house, for superior ride quality and handling. The rear shocks are also included with this system and have been custom tuned to maximize the ride quality for the factory rear coil springs. As the rear springs remain unmodified, load capacity is maintained while predictability is improved. For those that aren’t looking for massive increase in travel or big shocks but still desire a level stance and improved ride quality and handling characteristics, this is the perfect kit. The 2.5” lift height doesn’t require the front or rear geometry correction of our 3” Systems.

The front axle will be slightly pulled to the Driver’s side following installation of the lift; this can be corrected with the addition of our Adjustable Track Bar. Further, ride quality can be substantially increased with the addition of our Torsion Sway Bar. We recommend a 35” tire on a wheel that’s no more than 9” wide with 5.5”-6” Backspace. An 18” diameter wheel will be best to ensure optimal ride quality (more rubber = better small bump compliance) and an unloaded tire pressure of 45F/40R is recommended. The addition of a Carli Low-Mount Steering Stabilizer is recommended for any tire over factory size. For more details, see our article on wheel and tire selection and tire pressures:

This system will NOT be upgradeable to any other Carli Suspension Systems. It’s designed to be a solution for customers wanting a quality system with minimal lift and part inclusion. We recommend slight eccentric bolt compensation to correct caster after the lift as there are no Radius Arm Drops. For this reason, customers may experience a slight bow in the coil spring. We did not experience a coil bow in any of our test trucks but it’s possible at the 2.5” lift height without a Radius Arm Drop Bracket.

System Notes:

Wheels - Carli Recommends a 17"-18" Wheel, no more than 9" wide with 5.75" of Backspacing on Leveling Systems

Tires - 35", E-Rated Tire Fitment is Recommended. Recommended unloaded Tire Pressure 45F/40R

Recommended Configuration - Carli Leveling Systems are Designed and Tested on Vehicles with 17"-18" Wheels with 35", E-Rated Tires. Stock wheels and tires or running a larger wheel diameter will result in a stiffer ride.

Torsion Sway Bar - Selection of the Torsion Sway Bar Replacement will not Require size selection as the entire sway bar assembly is replaced.


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