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Vendor: Camburg

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You can easily lift the rear of your Tundra with our 1.5 lift shackles. Not only are they longer than stock to give you the lift you’re looking without stiffening the ride, but are built considerably stronger too. The stock shackles are just stamped out of thin metal and bolted together allowing for quite a bit of unwanted flex.

Our Camburg shackles are laser cut from thick 3/8″ steel and have a welded in gusset bridging the side plates together to eliminate flex. We powdercoat them wrinkle black and supply new metric bolts and hardware to bolt right into the factory mounts. These measure 6″ bolt to bolt center in length, the stock shackles measure 4″. When using these with the stock leaf springs you may need to grind the serrated teeth on the leaf spring pivot sleeves so it slips into our shackle.

These shackles are also needed when running Deaver’s K-37 or U-748 leaf spring packs as the stock shackle is too short in length.

When installing, have the M14 bolts with the lock nuts to the outside on both sides and you will re-use the upper sleeve in the frame pivot bushings. Orientate the shackle like pictured above so that the center gusset clears the frame as it swings back.

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