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Brenthel GM 1500 2014+ Long Travel Race Kit Front

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Additional Info

The Chevy Silverado Race Long Travel kit is made for offroad racing and can handle whatever you’re looking to throw at it. All suspension components are replaced by our CAD engineered boxed upper control arm, fabricated upright and boxed lower control arms. We made these long travel race kits as easy to install as possible by setting up the optimum geometry in CAD and then giving you a sheetmetal boxed shock mount that locates on the factory pivots for 19″ of suspension travel. Using custom valved King 3.0 coilovers and Bypasses, with the option to upgrade to a 3.5 bypass, there is nothing this kit can’t handle. We also include all brakelines, hardware, limit straps and necessary tabs for any items that are to be relocated.

Product Description


  • 100% CAD design with 3D CAD files directly from the manuf. to ensure a proper fit
  • Upper & lower boxed control arms with fabricated upright. We will not sacrifice strength or quality by using a tubular upper control arm
  • 1″ aircraft uniballs for the LCA inner pivots
  • 1.5″ uniballs used on outer lower pivot
  • King 2.5 Bump stop
  • Full Heim steering
  • All grade 9 hardware


  • 4″-6″ of lift
  • 18″ Wheel travel
  • 5″ wider per side (90″ Wide overall)
  • Up to 37″ tires

Parts Included:

  • Boxed Upper control arm (eliminating balljoints & bushings)
  • Boxed Lower control arm (using 1″ uniballs on inner pivot & 1.5″ on outer)
  • Custom Fabricated upright (Fits stock hub & Caliper)
  • Shock box (Custom sheetmetal shock mount)
  • Bump stop mount and King 2.5 bump stop
  • Hardware Kit; Heims, Monoballs, Misalignments
  • Steering kit (clevis that bolts onto rack, New tie rod with heims)
  • Limit Straps
  • Steel braided brake lines
  • Any necessary tabs for relocation or limit straps

Product Requirements:

  • Level 3 Installation (Click Here for Details)
  • Tire 37″ maximum
  • Fiberglass fenders are required for the larger tires and maximum up travel
  • Backspacing must be 5″ or less
  • Coilover Shock 2.5×10″ stroke (Shock requirements below)
  • Compressed dimension 13″. Extended dimension 18.5″
  • 12″ Hose remote with 90deg fitting pointing up
  • Coils – Top 3″ I.D. 4″ long 550lb rate
  • Coils – Bottom 3″ I.D. 18″ long by 700lb rate
  • Bypass Shock 2.5×10 (2 tube)
  • Special clocking is required for the bypass tubes
  • Must fabricate engine hoop to connect shock mounts (Preferably removable)


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