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AEV Ram HD 3" DualSport SC Suspension (Running 37" GAS)

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Engineered for the Real World

There is certainly no shortage of niche truck suspensions in the aftermarket these days, each one designed for a certain type of customer. There are suspensions that can make your truck look like the ultimate desert racer. There are show truck suspensions that provide massive amounts of lift and eye-catching components. There are even truck suspensions that are designed purely for rock crawling. However, what about a well-engineered, properly tuned suspension system that is designed for the people who rely on their truck every day in the real world? What about all the people who want to install larger tires on their truck without sacrificing payload, ride quality or handling?
This was the inspiration behind the AEV 3” DualSport Suspension System for the 2014+ Ram 2500/3500. We wanted to design the ultimate “real world” suspension system –one that allows greater performance off-road, while also improving driver comfort and vehicle handling characteristics on the road and maintaining the factory load carrying capacity.

The Formula

AEV’s Ram DualSport Suspension Systems focuses on optimizing geometry and custom shock tuning to deliver the best on and off-road performance. This starts in the front end, where Rams come standard with dozens of different spring rates on HD trucks, depending on powertrain, wheelbase, and more, so offering a generic “gas” or “diesel” spring would have been a huge compromise in ride quality and/or load carrying capacity. AEV retains the factory front coil springs mated to 3” cast aluminum coil spring relocation spacers to achieve the additional lift height. This takes advantage of the full range of factory spring rates and frequencies while still providing the necessary front end lift.
Steering geometry is corrected by way of AEV’s High Steer Kit, which includes a custom AEV drag link, AEV track bar and raised track bar tower. This system provides significant improvements to steering precision and handling by correcting the roll center height of the front suspension. Bringing the steering geometry back into factory alignment reduces body roll, bump steer, and roll steer, all major contributors to the loose or sloppy steering and driver fatigue commonly associated with many lift kits. The factory radius arms are repositioned for optimal geometry, moving the axle forward 1”. This provides a more neutral impact response, while also allowing more clearance for larger tires. A billet aluminum front driveshaft spacer is included to accommodate the new front axle positioning.

2500 vs. 3500

For many of the same reasons that we chose to retain the factory front coil springs, 2” rear coil spring spacers are included with Ram 2500 suspension systems to provide the necessary lift height without sacrificing ride quality or load carrying capacity. AEV also includes a set of bump stop spacers, rear track bar relocation bracket, sway bar end links and a new power hop bracket (if applicable). The OE leaf springs are retained and new cast iron blocks are installed to provide 2” of lift in the rear on Ram 3500 trucks. New u-bolts and bump stops are also included.

Shock Tuning

AEV/Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers are included with all DualSport Suspension Systems. These shocks feature a custom tune developed jointly by Bilstein and AEV engineers exclusively for AEV's DualSport Suspensions Systems. By utilizing digressive valving, the AEV/Bilstein 5100 shocks offer substantial low-speed dampening. The dampening decreases as vehicle speed increases, providing a great ride quality over a wide variety of terrain.
No matter where you drive your truck or how you use it, you can always count on your DualSport Suspension-equipped Ram to remain comfortable, balanced and ready to explore.


Please Note: Installation of this suspension system on a 2014+ Ram Power Wagon truck will require the purchase of new front and rear coil springs, Mopar PN: 68172091AA (front) and 68091216AA (rear).


Application - Model Year 2014+:
2500/3500 Crew Cab Short Bed
2500/3500 Crew Cab Long Bed
2500 Mega Cab Short Bed
3500 Mega Cab Short Bed
2500/3500 Single Cab Long Bed
3500 Single Cab Chassis SRW 4x4 (60" and 84" C/A)
3500 Double Cab Chassis SRW 4x4 (60" and 84" C/A)

Recommended Tire Size:
37x12.50R17 on a 17x8.5 wheel w/ 6” Backspacing

Kit Contents:

  • Cast Aluminum Front Coil Spring Pad Relocation Mounts
  • Forged Hi Steer Drag Link
  • Custom AEV Tuned Bilstein 5100’s
  • Heavy Duty Front Track Bar
  • Front Track Bar Brackets
  • Front Steel Bump Stop Spacers
  • Front Axle Relocation Kit
  • Aluminum Front Drive Shaft Spacer
  • Hardware Pack
  • AEV ProCal Module (Speedometer Recalibration)
  • Cast Aluminum Rear Coil Spring Spacers (Ram 2500)
  • Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket (Ram 2500)
  • Rear Sway Bar End Links (Ram 2500)
  • Rear Lift Blocks (Ram 3500)
  • Rear U-Bolts (Ram 3500)
  • Rear Bump Stop Spacers
  • Radius Arm Relocation Kit
  • Power Hop Bracket (If applicable)
  • Rear Carrier Bearing Shim Kit (Two Piece Rear Drive Shafts only)
  • Emergency Brake Cable Extension

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