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Fuel Survival Kit for 2011+ 6.7L Powerstroke

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The TTS Fuel Survival Kit for the 2011+ 6.7L Powerstroke consists of an S&S disaster Prevention Kit and a FASS Diesel Fuel System. These two industry-leading kits work in harmony to address fuel filtration issues before and after the infamous CP4.

Designed for ultimate reliability, the TTS Fuel Survival Kit is perfect for 2011+ Powerstroke owners looking to avoid EXPENSIVE injection system repairs. 

In addition to protecting your 2011+ 6.7 Powerstroke from catastrophic injection system issues, this kit also drastically improves fuel quality and flow compared to OEM. By removing over 99% of the water found in diesel fuel, along with entrained air/vapor and debris down to 2 Micron, FASS Diesel Fuel Systems are the leading upgrade for Powerstroke fuel systems. 

The FASS Diesel Fuel Systems available with the TTS Fuel Survival Kit are perfect for stock 6.7 Powerstrokes, but can support ANY horsepower level desired. If you're not sure which FASS Diesel Fuel System is right for your Powerstroke, please contact us before ordering!

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