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Stage 3 Round 2.0" OD

Short Bed

Weld On


Factory Blocks

Wrinkle Coat

Looking for a set of traction bars? We have the perfect combination of form, function and cost with options to fit everyone's needs!  These will smooth out shifts while towing a load behind the farm truck or keep your all out sled puller planted.  .  With our design and selection of components, our system will not hinder suspension articulations nor affect ride comfort.  You will notice a more secure feeling from the rear end of the truck, smoother/faster shifts, more confident braking, and increased stability on hard launches.  Driveline components will see less strain since they will no longer be pushed forward harshly under hard acceleration.  This will increase the longevity of all of these items!  These are not a one size fits all design.  With multiple configurations and mounting options, these can be tailored to your design tastes and for how your vehicle is being used.  The craftsmanship and quality of these is unmatched by anyone in the industry.  As always, these are built by our skilled craftsmen with nothing but the highest quality components here in the USA.  Best on the market?  We think so and our customers agree!


Weld-On-  This mount is designed to weld under the bottom of the axle tube.  You have some flexibility with this kit as this is more of a "builder" style kit.  As such this style of mount should be welded by a knowledgeable party to ensure proper and safe function.  This style mount is typically used with a ubolt up configuration where the nuts are on top of the leaf springs. 


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